May 04, 2016


...I ate oatmeal for breakfast -- oatmeal is not Whole30 approved, but I decided to keep it because my goal is to lower my cholesterol and oatmeal is good for that. I like mine with cinnamon and raisins.

...I crossed a few things off my to-do list at work.

...I had a meeting with my boss to discuss a big ongoing project of mine, and it was determined that I should hand it off to another employee and it needs to be streamlined a bit. That is good news for my workload!

...served crockpot lasagna for dinner but Chris barely ate...he's been eating like a bird the last few days, he must not be feeling 100%.

...I made my grandma's homemade macaroni and cheese for our book club tomorrow evening! It will be at our house and everyone else is bringing toppings for it. Mmm!

...I received my next Stitch Fix!! I've only had time to pull it out of the box, so we'll see how I like everything once I try it on. I got three tanks, a dress and a cardigan.

...I watched a few episodes of Grey's while I worked out.

...I finished up a freelance design job and sent the proofs over to the client.

...I'm signing off the computer and am heading outside to enjoy the firepit with my hubby!

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