May 03, 2016

A First for Me!

It is a rare thing to come across a "first" when you are nearly 40 years old! But that is exactly what happened! On the Friday before my 40th birthday, we had just wrapped up dinner at Miguels -- and Chris said to me, "We should go to the driving range!" Ok let's!

In all my years, the only form of golf I have played is putt putt...and I'm not too good at that even! So it was a foreign movement for me from beginning to end. But, it was really quite fun! Chris played in high school, so he showed my how to hold the club, how to swing, etc. Then we started working our way through our bucket of balls...

I wasn't as awful as I anticipated! I was able to hit them out and straight...I just couldn't get them up in the air. But, I was fairly consistent! And it was fun! I love that my husband is so random sometimes :)

And unexpectly, I was so sore the next day!! Swinging that club used all kinds of different muscles!!!

Oh! And I was wearing heels, so had to go barefoot for the golf! That was icky! I haven't gone barefoot in the grass since I was like 8 years old!!!

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