May 02, 2016

Scotty the Shasta

Today I want to tell you about the gift Chris gave me for my 40th birthday!

The surprise party faded away and everything was cleaned up. I was pooped! I sat down on our living room couch with the handmade 40 Notes book that Kim had made, prepared to read through all the touching words. I made it about halfway through before Chris came out with one more gift! He had waited until everyone left, because he wanted to give it to me one-on-one.

It was a pretty gift bag...upon opening, I found an envelope! Inside the envelope was a custom card designed my our senior designer at work, Kathy. She always helps him out with the crazy fun ideas he comes up with!

This was the first thing I saw...hmmm, ok! I opened the card and saw a photo of a donkey, and then a photo of a turquoise truck with a little turquoise trailer attached. Hmmmmmm, ok!

I turned one more flap, and the card announced that "something very special" would be occurring near the end of May. Hmmmmm!

I looked at Chris...I was excited but I wasn't sure why! I said, "I'm not sure what this means??" Then he told me all about my gift!

In Fredericksburg, there is a B&B called Scotty the Shasta -- and we will be staying there for a few days! The little trailer on the back of the truck is the B&B! It has a bed and is where we will sleep...and then there is a barn nearby that has electricity/showers/bathrooms/breakfast! But -- the highlight of the entire idea!! This little truck and trailer is located in the middle of a field. A FIELD OF DONKEYS!!!!!!! Oh can you even imagine!!??

The owner encouraged us to bring carrots...I can't wait! I don't know how many donkeys, or how it will all work (we will basically be camping), but I am looking so forward to it! To top it all off, it's in Fredericksburg near Enchanted Rock (where we got married), so we'll also be spending our days doing our favorite things there -- eating and wineries!

I'm not sure how Chris comes up with these incredible ideas! I am one lucky girl to be on the receiving end of them though, that's for sure! You can be guaranteed I'll have a ton of photos to share with you of this upcoming experience!!!!!

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