May 01, 2016

Life is Busy!

Howdy! Life seems so busy and full lately. I feel behind. And tired. But, I am keeping a list of all the things I want to post and share with you! Never fear! It just takes time.

:: This weekend was The Next Women of Country concert in Durant, OK! This was my Christmas gift from Chris, to see Jennifer Nettles! Full post to come soon! It was wonderful!

:: We got home Saturday night, so our Sunday was the norm -- laundry (still catching up from last Sunday because of my birthday party!) and grocery shopping for me, yard work and bills and work for Chris. He also ran 16 miles, whew!

:: Chris was out of town last week for a business meeting in New Mexico -- he was gone some of Wednesday and returned Thursday. They had a great meeting, but he was tired when he got home!

:: Wednesday evening, I had the girls over and we had a Movie Night! We watched Room, which is a book we read in book club. It was a good movie, we enjoyed it! Six girls came over, so they took the recliners in the theater room -- and I took the bean bag chair! It was actually quite comfy! Poppy snuggled up with me, and Ocho whined around for popcorn and then settled in on Kim's lap! Ocho sure does love Kim!

:: Speaking of Ocho -- he is doing great! He is almost entirely back to his old self. Whatever he went through (a small stroke? a seizure?), he has rehabbed himself back. He's as spunky and full of life as ever!

:: I also finished off my birthday with two birthday lunches :) One with Kim (Subway!) and one with Nadene (Jason's Deli!) Birthday is officially over now!

:: Last week was Week 1 of Whole30 -- overall it went very well! I am not hungry, and I am not having cravings. Back in control. Even with our travel, I did great and stuck to my guns. Back on track. Ready for Week 2! We have a small group at work doing it -- it's more fun with others!

:: This coming week, Chris is going to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity on Tuesday night...and Thursday night is our next book club, here at our house. I am making homemade mac and cheese and the girls are bringing an array of toppings for it! Yum! (No, I won't be eating it ha!)

:: I finished The Husband's Secret this weekend -- really enjoyed that one. I liked her writing style and the story held my attention and all tied up together well. She has some other books and I think I will check them out. Unfortunately my book club selection (Brooklyn) was not that great, but I am excited to see what the next hostess chooses for our next book!

:: Time to make a quick dinner and then find a little pocket for relaxing (hopefully!)

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