June 20, 2016

Our Trip Continues

Mother/Daughter Trip


The next morning, we slept as late as we wanted and got ready to head out for our day. Mom wanted for me to french braid her hair, and it turned out so pretty! Next time I'm in St. Louis, I'm going to teach Randy how to french braid so he can do it for her too!

One of the most fun things about our trip was that it was all a surprise for Mom! She knew we were going to San Antonio and that was it. She didn't know where we were staying or what we were going to do while we were there. I enjoyed that aspect of our trip immensely :) And Mom was a very good sport about it all too! With braided hair, we headed out for our day of fun!!

Our first stop was the Japanese Tea House! I had never been here either,
and it did not disappoint!! We walked into this gorgeous garden (free admission!!)
and our jaws dropped! It was an oasis right there in the middle of downtown!
Every inch of the place was perfection!
The view across the pond was an incredible waterfall tucked away in a lush green wall of beauty!
Mom in front of the waterfall
The masonry was so impressive! So many little and big stones built into gorgeous
structures like bridges, walkways, and a buildings...
Along one of the pathways, Mom looked up and asked me to capture these three
birds on a wire! I loved that she was looking at life as through the lens of a camera :)
This beauty was my fave! Look at those colors! Wowza!
A selfie of Mom and I with the Japanese Tea Garden behind us
Beautiful woman! Inside and out!
Look at that gorgeous building! All those little stones!
Toward the end of our visit, we stopped at the little tea house called Jingu House --
and we got bubble tea! Bubble tea has little balls of tapioca at the bottom of the tea,
and you suck them up through the fat straws! I was a fan, Mom not-so-much :)
It was so fun to share this first time experience together!! From here, our next stop was the San Antonio Botanical Garden!!

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