June 19, 2016

Our First Evening in San Antonio

Happy Sunday!! And Happy Father's Day!!

Below is the next installment of Mother/Daughter Trip 2016!!

6.5.16 Continued

After Mom and I checked out our awesome hotel, we ventured out onto the Riverwalk!! Mom had never been before, and she couldn't quite wrap her mind around what exactly it was. So I thought it would be a good idea to take the boat tour around the Riverwalk to give her some perspective! Plus, I had never been on the boat tour before! So, we started walking in the direction of the ticket counter.

I captured this photo right outside of our hotel on a little bench...
kudos to my mom on this entire trip because she was so cooperative with photos!!
She even had photo ideas along the way! Love it! While we were here, I was checking
out my map to figure out how to get to the ticket counter...and two Hispanic men
come up to us asking where we are trying to get. I told them, and the nice man
gave us directions...and then headed on their way thankfully!!
Along the Riverwalk are so many pretty sights like this waterfall wall...
Mom and I found the ticket counter and got our tickets...and then we boarded our
little boat and took off for our tour! Our guide was very good and told us all the history
of the area. The tour gave Mom a great visual of what we were dealing with too! Oh and
let's not forget the little girl that was sitting across from Mom on the boat -- she kept
kicking my mom but then gave Mom the skunk eye like Mom was kicking her! Ha!!
Lots of Texas art all around
I loved this ivy covered bridge -- this was near out hotel and we
passed it frequently as we stepped out to adventure! We also had beautiful weather
the entire time we were in San Antonio -- no rain, and temperatures not too hot yet!
These grassy stairs were part of an outdoor amphitheater along the Riverwalk
After our boat tour, we decided to eat dinner at Casa Rio, the yummy Mexican
restaurant with all the bright colored umbrellas -- it was delicious! We decided that
during our trip, we were going to share as much food as possible. Here, we shared
some shrimp quesadillas and each had a peach sangria. Which Mom proceeded to spill
toward the end of our meal, much to the amusement of the family at the table next to ours!
We had a good laugh about that for quite some time!! During out dinner, Mom also
succeeded at getting gum stuck to the bottom of her sandal! It was underneath our table
and it was just her luck! The nice lady at the table next to us offered her a wet wipe :)
This is a pretty popular view of the Riverwalk, with all the fun umbrellas
After dinner, we found an ice cream shop and while I stood in line to
get my ice cream, Mom worked on cleaning the gum off her shoe! :)
Two scoops of cookie dough! Which turned into more like three and a
half scoops, but I wasn't complaining! Quite yummy!!
After dessert, we strolled back to our hotel...it was quite a bit of walking for the day and we were pooped! We relaxed in our room for awhile and played a few rounds of Rummy. Then Mom went to bed and I watched a few episodes of Grey's Anatomy on Netflix! Yay for free wifi!!
Day one was a super success!

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