June 29, 2016


:: Well, our Lake Baber may be a thing of the past! (Fingers crossed!!) The county came out today and put a new metal pipe under the road to try and redirect our water problem. So, we shall wait now for the next downpour and see what happens. Time will tell. It took the last lake about a month to dry up...and it killed the grass underneath.

:: We did one of my favorite zumba songs today during our 3:00 zumba break! It's always a nice break in the day.

:: I am working my way through season 11 of Grey's...about halfway through.

:: I finished up the book I was reading last night! It was called "Until Then", and it was written by Krista Noorman, who was actually our wedding photographer! This is her third book, and I really enjoyed reading it. So proud of her!!

:: Now it's time to decide what to read next! Our next book club book is "Ghost Boy", but I also have two others in the waiting list. Will decide what mood I'm in!

:: Meal Prep meal day 3 went well today!! With my extra time this evening, I've been working on some things that might go in my Etsy shop...now, it's time to go relax with my hubby!!

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