June 30, 2016

Marketing Rangers Game

Last Tuesday, I had the privilege of attending another Texas Rangers baseball game with my fellow Marketing peeps!! We hopped on the company jet (what a luxury!!) and were whisked to Dallas by our amazing pilots Steven and Mason!

Once we arrived, we made our way to the reserved parking spot and then in to the stadium for a yummy dinner at the Captain Morgan Club. From there we made it to our seats 11 rows up from the third base duggout. We laughed and talked and enjoyed the game (even though they lost, boo)...and I enjoyed a delicious ice cream cone!

Me on the jet, on the flight there!
Oh Shaylee :) Her birthday was the Monday before the game, and she took the
Marketing birthday crown during some of the game in hopes of making it onto
the big screen -- alas, that didn't work ha! That's me in the left corner,
trying to eat Allison's shoulder! And Aaron, and Emily!
Our fun group! Allison, me, Aaron, Jeff, Jessica, Shaylee, Emily, and Susie!
Me and Allison! This girl, she cracks me up daily! And we are waaaaay
too similar in waaaaay too many ways!! (Which is NOT a bad thing!)
We discovered that Aaron has a natural knack at doing impressions --
this is him, wearing Shaylee's glasses, doing the impression of her! It was spot
on! He did one of me, and some other coworkers too...tooooo funny!

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