July 03, 2016

Holiday Weekend

Happy 4th of July weekend!! I hope you are enjoying a relaxing and safe holiday! I am thrilled for the three day weekend!

:: Friday evening, Chris and I had dinner at Niko's and then picked up a few things we needed for our pool party. Then we headed home to work on getting everything set up for it.

:: Saturday, Chris was up early to run 10 miles with Kiki, and then he and I did more prep for the party. Everyone arrived around 3:00, and it was a fun afternoon and evening!! We had about 30 people or so. I'll be posting on the whole thing soon!

:: Today, Sunday, July 3rd is my hubby's birthday!!! He is 42 years old...I'll be posting more about the day soon too! I am so grateful he was born -- I would be lost without him!!!

:: We are off tomorrow, and I am looking forward to the day...It's very hot here so we may spend it in the pool!!

:: Be looking for some fun posts this coming week! I have lots to share!!

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