June 23, 2016

Spa Day!


The next day of our Mother/Daughter trip was Spa Day! We slept in a bit, and then headed up to the 13th floor to The Spa at Hotel Contessa! The spa is one of the reasons I chose the Hotel Contessa -- it was one of the few hotels on the Riverwalk that had a spa within the hotel. I wanted to be able to roll out of bed and just stroll up to the spa. It worked out perfectly!

The Spa was very kushy and nice, and they treated us so well! We both got deep tissue massages, and I must say that it got a little painful at points. I think we had a lot of toxins to be removed! Deep tissue has its purposes, but I think I'll stick to Swedish or hot stone massages from now on!! I almost cried a few times!!! We were both mush afterwards! I enjoyed experiencing this with my Mom...

We were each ushered into our own bathroom/changing area...
each one had a shower and toilet, along with a basket of plastic flip flops,
towels, robes and lockers for our belongings.
Once we got changed into our robes, Mom and I met up in the lounge
area to fill out some paperwork. I had a cup of hot tea while we waited.
Then our ladies came to fetch us and off we went!
The massage rooms were very nice and relaxing...soft music, relaxing colors, soft blankets.
After our 50 minute massages, we met back up in the lounge area
and melted onto the couch like total mush! Ahhhh...
After our massages, we had lunch a little cafe in La Villita and looked
around at the little shops there. I found a cute pair of earrings in one of the stained
glass shops. Then, we headed back to the hotel pool and spent hours there...it was
so relaxing!! Some time in the sun, some shade for me, some reading, some napping...
a wonderful and perfect way to spend an afternoon!
This was my perfect little nook -- I loved it! So comfy and shady. I need one of these!
After our time at the pool, we decided to venture out for dinner at The River's Edge restaurant in the Hilton Hotel...it was quite yummy! We shared some quacamole and chips, and the mac and cheese with jalapeno bacon...mmmmm! Then we found a Haagen Dass ice cream shop and enjoyed some delicious, rich dessert there!! Then it was back to the hotel for more relaxing. Mom is such a great travel companion!!

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