June 26, 2016

Final Post of Mother/Daughter Trip!

6.8.16 and 6.9.16 and 6.10.16

On Wednesday, Mom and I slept in a bit and then headed over to La Villita Cafe for breakfast --I had a delicious bagel! Then we headed back to our room for the last time and packed up our stuff. After checking out, we started our journey back to Abilene. We stopped in Fredericksburg for lunch -- we decided on West End Pizza, and it was delicious!! Then we traveled a bit more and stopped in Mason to shop around at the little downtown shops on the square. Mom found a cute dress in one of the shops so it was worth the stop! Then we continued on down the highway to Abilene. It was good to be home!

On Thursday, Mom and I lounged at our pool for a bit, and she got in to use her Noodle! :) Then we decided to go and have lunch at Jimmy Johns before seeing a movie. We saw The Jungle Book, which was really quite a well-done movie! We enjoyed it!! Afterwards, we shopped around a bit at Kohl's and a few other stores, had a FROYO treat at Nikki's, and then headed home to eat my yummy crockpot lasagna. We relaxed with Chris, played a few last rounds of rummy, and then turned in for the night...

On Friday, I took Mom to the airport -- it was so sad to see her go! We had such a wonderful, relaxing week together and I think it was just what we both needed! I enjoyed every second of our time together and am so grateful to have her as my mom...I love you!!!

Pretty tiled stairs leading to La Villita
I absolutely love this photo of her! She's so beautiful!!
In Fredericksburg, at West End Pizza, I wrote a little message on the
paper tablecloth with the circle crayon! Documented!!
Mom floating on her Noodle in the Baber pool
Waiting to see The Jungle Book!
It's always sad to say goodbye...and then she unfortunately had some travel
issues on the way home with delays, etc. But, she made it home safely!
Mother/Daughter Trip 2016 was a huge success!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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