July 05, 2016

Chris 42nd Birthday

July 3rd was Chris' 42nd birthday! It was a Sunday, which meant he wanted to do his normal productive things like staining the deck, working in the yard, etc. So, I made him some of his favorite pancakes for breakfast and off he went.

After working outside all day, he decided that he didn't really want to go out to have a birthday dinner. Which wasn't too unexpected, as he doesn't really like to have any kind of attention on his birthday. So, we had leftover pizza from our pool party the day before and then enjoyed the bread pudding I had our friend Zack make for him...a quick Happy Birthday song, and opening of gifts...

A portrait of 42
Mimi gave Chris a power washer, and he put it right to good use!
He power washed the pool deck and the driveway and then his truck!

I hope that 42 is a productive and successful and happy and joyful year for this man, the love of my life...

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