July 07, 2016

Happening Around Here

Hi!! Let's catch up!

:: I think I may have sprained one of my toes! I stubbed it severely on our little ottoman yesterday and now it is pretty sensitive and is purple. It brought tears to my eyes!! And perhaps a curse word to my lips too! I don't think it's anything major, but it does surely hurt!

:: Chris is starting a new running program with a professional athlete in Australia!! It's sure to be a fun adventure. He is going to help Chris meet his long-time goal of running a marathon in under 3:00 hours. Chris is going to run the Houston marathon in January, and his trainer is talking about flying in to the states to run it with him!! This is his first week on the program and it has been specific runs for the trainer to get to know Chris. He can link up to Chris' Garmin watch stats to see all kinds of data. And today was an off day and he had to do yoga! It is definitely stretching him out of his comfort zone!

:: I had my first SALE in my Etsy shop yesterday!! My sweet cousin Shelly bought two of the little albums for her sons -- Soccer and Baseball! It was so exciting to see the congratulatory email from Esty on my first sale! Whoop! I got it packaged up and shipped off today, and now I am hooked! Need to get more items into the shop!

:: I received my 15th Fix today!! It was a pretty good one too! I'm excited to share soon. Two tank tops, shorts, dress, and sandals! Will be trying on and photographing, and deciding what to keep. It could be a 3/5 or 4/5. Not sure yet!! This may be my last one for awhile, as we are trying to save some money.

:: Meal Prep Week 2 is going great! All of the meals have been delicious. I need to come up with the menu for Week 3!!

Time to go and enjoy my extra hour in the evening :)

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