July 10, 2016

Weekend Update

Happy Sunday to all! I wish it would stay Sunday forever! Because tomorrow begins Crazy Week at work...the July sales meeting where all of our sales managers come in from all across America, and they spend the week doing training, etc. It's madness. Pray for me.

The highlight is Thursday evening, when we have our summer company party! This year, we are having it at the local skating rink! Roller skating and TaMolley's mexican for dinner. Should be a fun evening. Hopefully nobody breaks any bones!

So let's see...our weekend. It was good and full.

:: Friday evening, Chris needed a good, clean meal to fuel his Saturday morning run...so we went to Copper Creek and he had delicious salmon and carrots and rice. I had the mahi, rice and spinach and it was tasty too! From there, we were both pretty brain dead from the week, so we headed home and got in the pool! With the sun going down, it was actually a bit chilly in the water so that didn't last long. Then we moved inside to the couches where we snuggled with out pups and watched the Olympic Trials (gymnastics).

:: Saturday morning, Chris and Kiki did a 5K time trial -- running it as fast as possible so Chris' trainer can get an idea of his current fitness level. They did great! Then Neeley came over and they worked on spray staining the deck and working on some other things outside.

:: I spent my Saturday being very productive: I checked out for my Fix (I'll be posting on it all this week!); did most of the laundry; planned for meal prep week 3; made the grocery list; watched a one-hour webinar on creating products that sell; loaded up a tshirt design to social media to see the interest in any preorders; corresponded with three tshirt printing companies to get pricing for production; worked on a scrapbook item to put into the store inventory. Busy busy! Then Chris and I swam for a bit and relaxed before dinner. We went to Texas Roadhouse with the birthday gift card Chris got from Mimi and that was sooo yummy. My steak was perfectly cooked (medium) and that is hard to get!!! Mmmm. Then we got sno cones and took some to Kiki and his family too...visited for a bit and then headed home to relax.

:: When we left for dinner Saturday evening, Mimi was out in the pool...and Chris locked her out accidentally! She called us from the neighbor's phone to get the garage code...whoops!! He made it up to her with some Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla ice cream :)

:: Sunday, I did more laundry and did the grocery shopping and meal prep for the week. Another successful adventure, and all yummy food is ready for us to eat this week. Loving this!!!

:: This evening, our friend Nice is arriving in town for the meeting -- we are picking him up from the airport and going out to dinner with him. Should be a nice time catching up. He's the greatest!

Here's to the week ahead. One hour at a time.

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