August 29, 2016

Colorado -- Post #3

Friday, 8-19-16

We all got a good night of sleep, and then enjoyed an amazing day on Friday!

We started with a delicious breakfast right down the street from our apartment...Red Dog. It is funny, I didn't realize until we came home and we were looking through the photos -- but it is called Red Dog and the logo has a cat! Clever. The food and drinks here were so yum! I had a wonderful cheddar bagel and Chris had the Srgt. Pepper burrito...mmmm! Their coffee drinks were good too. Let's just say that we had breakfast here most mornings!!

Once we were well fed, we got cleaned up and went to our first stop -- Garden of the Gods! It was just a short drive from our apartment, and it was easy to find. And the sites here were so beautiful!!!

Mr. Baber, pointing to Pikes Peak, and him telling her, "I'm coming for you!!!"
Our two men -- whew!! They are soooo strong! Look at them holding up that big boulder!
Me, taking in the was so impressive and glorious!
How is this possible??
On top of the world with my love!
The Garden of the Gods hikers...we got a lot of exercise this day!

I love that Blaise captured this pic of us walking hand in hand, down the hill to the parking lot. This was taken not long before I slipped and fell and bounced a few times and threw my water bottle and worried that a car was going to run me over! I'm not sure what is going on but this falling business is not my cup of tea!!

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