August 28, 2016

Really Nice Weekend

I really liked the weekend we just was filled with some good stuff! Hope yours was too :)

:: Friday evening, our friend Alex was in town from Houston. He recently moved there for a new job, and he owns a plane that he had to leave in Abilene until he got settled. So, this was the weekend for him to come in and fly it down to Houston. We offered to pick him up from the airport, and his flight didn't get in until right after 9:00. So, until then, we filled our evening with dinner and some shopping. We ate dinner at Wing Stop (yum!) and then stopped at Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up a bridal shower gift. Then my hubby agreed to go to Michaels so I could meander :) That is always fun! Afterwards, we still had a little time to kill -- and Chris said, "Hey, let's go to Target!" That's a big deal ha ha! I did some meandering there too...and then we headed to the airport and pulled up right in time for Alex to hop in the car! We went to The Mill and had a few drinks while we chatted and caught up. Unfortunately, it started to POUR DOWN RAIN right when we got there, and The Mill is an outdoor venue. They opened up their indoor portion and we enjoyed our time together. Then we dropped Alex off at his friend's, and headed home.

:: Saturday morning, I picked up Nadene and we drove about 30 minutes to Baird for Ivy's bridal shower. Ivy is the daughter of my friend Kathy, and it was a sweet little shower. Ivy is a great young lady and I'm very excited for her upcoming marriage. After I dropped Nadene back at her house, Chris asked me to meet him downtown at The Food Park! In his running training, his awesome trainer includes things like "Day off from running; take your wife to do something you've never done together!" Abilene has a Food Truck Park now, and we have yet to that is what we did!! It was hot hot hot, but we enjoyed some chicken tacos and some ice cream...I love my hubby! Then we also stopped at Pappy Slokum's, which is a local brewery that is only open on Saturdays. Very enjoyable.

:: When we got home, I worked on my meal menu for the upcoming week, and the grocery list. We decided to try out the Walmart Online Groceries, so I then put our list into the website and placed my order. I had a $10 off coupon for my first order, and it was already cheaper than normal. I do love Walmart's prices, but I just can't ever bring myself to go in there. I want to kill people when I'm in there ha ha!! So this seems like a good middle ground. Since I put the order in around 6:30, I wasn't able to select a pick up time until 7:00 pm Sunday unfortunately...which means no meal prep for me this week.

:: We then found out that Alex had been unable to fly home because of heavy cloud coverage and rain. So he needed to stay in Abilene another night. We offered up our guest room to him, and enjoyed a dinner at Miguels with him. Another fun evening!

:: Sunday, Chris took Alex to the airport bright and early, and then he went on a 90 minute bike ride. I cleaned all day and did laundry. Around 4:30, Chris and I ran some errands and then had dinner at Chiles. Then it was time to pick up our groceries! It was the last time slot of the day, so there were about 4 other cars in front of us. We had to wait about 20 minutes or so. Then they came out and loaded up our groceries. They had to substitute two things, but we did end up getting 2 lbs of peanut butter for the price of 1 lb ha! I will do my list sooner next time, and will choose a time earlier in the day. I'm willing to try this out again.

:: The week ahead -- I'm going to the Rangers baseball game on Friday with my department, that should be fun! Beyond that, it should be a normal week overall. I am starting a Whole30 tomorrow -- my 7th! It is time for a big RESET. Hardly any of my clothes fit. That is no good and I refuse to buy new bigger clothes. So...time for "Fun Kelley" to get lost and "Willpower Kelley" to return!! I feel really gross, so I am ready to get my body back in line. It will be a really tough first week...please pray for me!!

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