August 01, 2016

Monday Again

Those weekends...they just fly by too quickly. Sadly.

:: Today, in the mail, I received the 2016 Vacation Guide for Colorado Springs :) I forgot that I ordered this awhile back off the internet. They have a digital version, but I just really wanted the paper version. Old school!

:: I decided on my next Netflix binge! I am going to watch The Gilmore Girls! I've heard from multiple people that they love it. So, off I go! I'm into the second episode and it is quirky. I'm going to enjoy it I think!

:: I made a lot of progress over the weekend on an eBook of Meal Prep that I'm going to put into my Etsy shop! I printed it out today and am now going to go through it and proof it and get it finalized. I'm excited about it!

:: This evening, Chris' boss flew into town and he picked him up after his run. They are now at dinner talking business :) So, I picked up some Mr. Burger for me and Mimi! Yum!

:: Tomorrow I am making shredded pork for some will be ready by the time I get home from my hair appointment.

:: Today I started my quest to reign things in. This week: no sugar. It's going to be difficult for a few days.


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