July 31, 2016

Scrapbook Retreat

Fun fun weekend for me! It was the July Scrapbook Retreat at our house! It's always a fun time. It starts on Saturday at 10:00 am and ends on Sunday at 6:00 pm. Attendees are responsible for all of their own food for the two days, and they leave all their scrapbook stuff set up Saturday night and come back the next morning for more! We had four on Saturday and 3 on Sunday...a small group both days. Summers are just so busy, it is hard for people to fit it in. I worked on a lot of digital things, mostly!

-- Sized photos for printing
-- Filed electronic photos
-- Updated my Reading Journal album
-- Created a meal prep e-Book
-- Paired titles with photos
-- Fine tuned my etsy shop

I'm excited about my meal prep e-Book!! I am working on four weekly menus that include recipes and tips, that I will put into my Etsy shop for sale! I have some fine tuning to do but I made a whole lot of progress so far!

We also put our feet in the pool Saturday evening and that was a refreshing break!!

After it ends, I'll be heading to the grocery store...no meal prep for me this weekend but I only need to cook twice this coming week. The other evenings, I am getting my hair done and we will celebrate our 9th anniversary with a dinner out!! It will feel a bit weird to cook after work again.

I enjoyed a lot of JUNK this weekend...and Monday I am going to start the process of tightening up. No more "out of control". Week one will be removing sugary junk. Ba bye!

It's hard to believe that this will be my 9th anniversary with Chris...we've been through so many good times and bad times together, and our marriage has been such a blessing. God is good!!!

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