July 28, 2016

Book Club

:: We had Book Club tonight, and it was a small group -- four of us! But it was a fun time. We discussed Ghost Boy, and agreed it was a story worth reading. We dined on delicious salads, and planned for our next meeting at the end of August. The book is to-be-determined...should know tomorrow!

:: We got a few raindrops this evening...maybe 25 drops? Just a brief spitting.

:: I prepped a few more things for our retreat!! Can't wait.

:: Tomorrow is Friday and I am excited...that means Saturday is that much closer and retreat time is near. I always look forward to having that much dedicated time for the things I love to do. I am also so grateful to have the wonderful husband that I do -- he is very supportive of this kind of thing, even is willing to host it at our house every year!! That's a good man right there!

:: I'm thinking it may be time for some sushi...we haven't had it in awhile. Maybe I can talk the mister into it for dinner tomorrow evening!

:: That's all I've got for tonight!!

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