August 16, 2016

Signing off


...I had a fairly stressful day at work, as I needed to cover for one of our team members and her system is, shall we say, just a little confusing. I muddled through.

...I gave out two mid-year reviews and had good conversations with them...tomorrow will be two more.

...I went back to the oil change place and had them fix what they failed to do. It didn't take long thankfully, and hopefully all is good for our trip now.

...I was finally crick-free in my neck. Hopefully it stays away!!!

...I am excited to watch the final gymnastic event -- floor -- and be done with that. Gymnastics is the one Olympic event I feel I must see! So the rest can come and go as needed. Since we will be traveling and away from normal activity, it will be difficult to see some of the remaining stuff.

...made taco pizza for dinner and it was yum! It was no fun, however, cooking and doing dishes :(

...will begin serious packing for our trip! I have things set aside, so it is time to finalize and start getting things into the suitcase. I'll roll up my clothes tomorrow after work, right before we leave.

...I must read a chapter for our management book study in the morning...

...I turned my Etsy shop onto Vacation Mode -- because I won't be here to ship things within one day, if something happens to sell. It will open back up once we return!!

...I will go to bed happy, knowing that when I wake up, it is just one day left of work and then we are on the road to CO!!

I hope that you all have a great few days coming up! If you follow me on instagram, be sure to check us out over there until next Wednesday...I'll still be posting there!! For the blog, I'm signing off for a few days...until then!

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Anonymous said...

Have a fantastic time! You are headed to one of my favorite places. Go Chris - I took the Cog Rail up to Pikes Peak - you are braver than I :-)! Enjoy! PTS

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