August 15, 2016

Oil Change Snafu

:: More Olympics! When are they over? I'm not sure what we do on a normal evening without them!

:: Tonight I made beef stroganoff, my fave...but I didn't let it simmer long enough and it was a bit weak. Booo. I was rushed because we got home late.

:: We got home late because I had my oil changed today to get ready for our trip, and they failed to secure everything properly. So the metal flap was hitting the ground whenever enough wind got into it. So I had to drive about 20 MPH all the way home. That sucked.

:: And now I must use ANOTHER lunch hour to go back over there and have them fix it. This kind of thing drives me crazy!!!! I won't be going back there after this. Chris had to rig it up so that it is okay for me to even drive back over there. So frustrating. What would have happened if I had done this the day before leaving for our trip?? We would have been screwed.

:: I've had a crick in my neck for a few comes and goes in intensity. I've been using my China Gel and that helps. It seems to be worse in the evenings and at night. Hopefully I'll feel better sleeping tonight.

:: COME ON WEDNESDAY 5:00!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

:: Tonight, I think I need a vodka tonic and some reading to go along with my Olympics. Adios...

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