August 14, 2016

weekend recap

:: Our weekend was pretty relaxing...we ate at Heff's Friday night and then headed home to watch Olympics. Saturday, Chris ran a time trial 5k, and then worked outside while I did some computer work. We ordered some Black Box pizza and had it delivered for lunch...and then we had TaMolley's mexican for dinner. Picked up a few things from Lowes and then headed home. Sunday, after church, it was time for regular chores...and Chris did a two hour bike ride!

:: Very much in vacay mode!! Only three days of work ahead and then we are off!!!

:: I've started some packing...unfortunately, a lot of my clothing is not currently fitting. That's a whole other topic. packing options are limited and shouldn't take too long to figure it out. I'm ready to get it all in the suitcase and load up in the car!

:: During our trip, I won't be blogging...but I'll have lots of stories and photos to share when we return!

:: Not too much going on for the three days we will be in town...needing to get the oil changed in our car, and get the dry cleaning done. Otherwise, a normal few days.

:: I finished up more revisions on my Meal Prep eBook over the weekend! I need to take a photo for the cover, and then Chris is going to go through it and give me his thoughts. Getting close!!

:: We did some swimming on Saturday, though the water was a bit chilly. And we tried again on Sunday, but the water was way too chilly that day. We've had a bit of a reprieve with our hot temps, and the water is just not being warmed as much during the day.

:: We've been enjoying so much of the Olympics! The gymnastics has been fun, and watching Michael Phelps swim his last races was incredible!

:: Time to finish up the laundry and empty the work is never done :)

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