August 11, 2016

Prepping for CO! mind is switching over to VACATION PREP mode!!! It is coming up swiftly. It seemed so far off, and then we blinked and we're leaving after work next Wednesday!! Whoop!

Doesn't that photo look so refreshing???!!! After the intense, suffocating heat of this long Texas summer, I must say that I am enthralled with the idea of being chilly for a few days!

That does mean I need to start thinking about packing -- what clothes to take?? Layers will probably be the best option, plus a heavy jacket. It will also be an adjustment switching from flip flops to closed shoes!

I've been reading through our visitor guide, seeing what fun things we might want to do while we are there. Colorado Springs / Manitou Springs are both such neat areas! There are endless things for visitors to do, and we have only a few we need to have some kind of plan! We'll also have a very long drive to discuss it and figure it all out -- thankfully!

We are staying at a very cute Air B and B in downtown Manitou Springs! Check out their site -- once you click on the link, click on the big photo at the top and it will give you a lot of other photos to look through! It is a little two bedroom apartment, and it is right at the starting line for the Pikes Peak Marathon! My husband really is quite amazing with his planning skills! This will make the day of the marathon soooo much easier for everyone involved! Our friends Steven (Kiki) and Blaise will be staying in the apartment with us, since Steven is running the marathon as should be a lot of fun!

We aren't sure what the day of the marathon will be like for us spectators...Chris is thinking it will take at least six hours to complete the marathon -- it is up and then down Pikes Peak! We aren't sure if us girls will be able to get to the top of the mountain to see them up there, or if we'll just need to wait at the bottom for them to return. So we'll figure that out. We can maybe do some shopping and lunching and girlie things while they are doing crazy man things like running up a mountain in the altitude!!!

I'm just ready to GO!!!!! Looking very forward to getting away, feeling refreshed, and enjoying those cool temps, my hubby, and the company of friends!

** Have you been to Colorado Springs?? What are some things you recommend doing while we are there??? I used to live there many, many moons ago...I remember a few things like Garden of the Gods...but, what else???

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