August 10, 2016

Mid Week

:: I've been working this week on getting some mid-year reviews done for some of my team. They were due at the end of July but for some reason they were not sent to now I am playing some catch up. It's taking me a bit to get my thoughts together on it...I need to set aside some time to focus tomorrow.

:: In other work related news, I am also about to embark on the large process of making a verbiage change to our applications in every state. That will be a "plug away" process. Something like that can be a bit overwhelming, so I have to start it off with an Excel spreadsheet and then mark things off one step at a time.

:: I have been somewhat clumsy today and I am not sure why. That is not normally the case.

:: I was excited to hear that we have casual days the next two days!!! Life is better when it's casual!

:: Here in Texas, we are supposed to get a "cold front" this weekend...meaning it will be in about the 80s. We will take it!! We've also been looking at the temperatures for Colorado Springs and that is going to be so refreshing!!! Down to the 50s at night! And at the top of Pikes Peak, we'll need some layers too. Ahhhh!

:: Beach volleyball is pretty fun to watch...these girls are crazy good!

:: Today I'll have a break from "late night" gymnastics...thankfully!!! To bed on time!!

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Anonymous said...

We have had jeans all summer and it is supposed to end after Labor Day. Have heard scuttle that it might continue - yeah - such a no cost perk for employees and company! Colorado - such fun - enjoy the weather for sure! PTS

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