August 09, 2016

Current Life

:: Another day, more Olympics! Tell me...why NBC?? Why do you insist on showing just a bit of the gymnastics and then showing swimming alllll night, and then going back to gymnastics around 10:00?? That is too late for this old lady!!! To top it all off, the NBC Olympic instagram account is showing results before it even airs here in the U.S.! So I can't even look at my feed. Seems like they could wait??

:: After my workout this evening, while Chris was doing his 75 minute run, I worked more on my eBook and the progress is really moving along now! I've got my first round of edits made, and I designed the cover tonight. Getting close!

:: We are getting close to our Colorado Springs trip!! We are looking forward to the short vacation, and also to the big Pikes Peak Marathon!! It is going to be an experience for sure. We leave next Wednesday after work. Whoop whoop whoop!!!

:: I received a big batch of Project Life layouts today for my album! They look sooo good. Love the printing company they use for the app. I am current on this project, up to this very week. That is key to me in doing this type of project. LOVE it.

:: I also received the two life jackets that I got for our pups from Amazon! We especially want one for Ocho, whose legs don't move as quickly in the water. Poppy doesn't necessarily need it but we think it might make her feel more secure. We'll give them a try!

:: For now, this is goodbye!

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