August 03, 2016

Wednesday Catch Up

:: Today during our management meeting, we talked about the 2017 Sabbaticals that are coming up! If you've been reading my blog for awhile, you might remember that back in 2010 the company we work for awarded us each with a 30 day Sabbatical from work...paid. It was a wonderful experience! In the bible, Sabbaticals occurred every seven years...which bring us to next year -- 2017. We're all supposed to be figuring out what we might want to do with our 30 days...the deadline to turn in the applications is mid-October. What to do, what to do...

:: For dinner tonight, I made chicken spaghetti and that made the family happy happy happy...I myself thought it turned out a little dry, so next time I think I will only cook it for 30 minutes instead of the suggested 40.

:: My new Netflix show, Gilmore Girls, is going good! I'm on episode 4...

:: Tomorrow is my 9th anniversary with Chris!! Where have the years gone?? We've seen a lot of good in those years, and some bad...but through it all, I am blessed to call him my husband. God gave me the best!! We are going to have a nice dinner out tomorrow and then head to Fredericksburg for the day on Saturday.

:: I'm plugging away at my Meal Prep eBook! I've gone through and marked up the revisions I want to make, and I also asked my pals on Facebook what else I might want to add. They gave me some good ideas, and I will be adding those things as well. I'm really excited about this project!

:: Today I did a fun "day in the life" project! I took a photo every hour to capture my day in a nutshell. I found it to be a fun exercise, except it was difficult to get creative all those hours sitting at my desk! I'm going to do a scrapbook layout that shows all of the photos with captions about my day. And I plan to do this every so often to include in my scrapbook albums.

:: The Air Force base has randomly changed their flight pattern for the B-1 routes, and they are now going right over our house. The first time it happened, I was 100% positive something was landing on our house! It was soooo loud!!! Wow.

:: Chris got up at 5:00 am this morning to do an intense treadmill workout at the office...then got ready there. He is dedicated to this plan!! Tomorrow he is getting up early to do a bike ride before work, so that he doesn't have to do it in the evening -- because we've got anniversary dinner :)

:: The new allergy/asthma medication my doctor is trying me out on -- Singulair -- is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! I have been sleeping GREAT, have no snot, no sneezes, and my wheezing is getting better. Put me on a lifetime supply of this stuff please!

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