August 07, 2016

Weekend Update's been sort of a whirlwind the past few days!!!

:: Thursday was our 9th anniversary! Crazy stuff! Chris had a gorgeous bouquet of pink and green flowers delivered to me at work, and they smell so good!!! We enjoyed a very nice dinner together at The Beehive, and then we stopped at The Mill for a few drinks and some delicious chocolate truffles! In leiu of gifts this year, we decided to make our upcoming trip to Colorado Springs for the marathon our gift. We'll be there a few extra days enjoying the sights, that is definitely gift enough!!

:: Friday evening, since it was the Opening Ceremony for the Olympics, we decided to head home and eat leftovers while watching! It was a very relaxing evening, and the Opening Ceremony was decent...

:: Saturday morning, Chris got up early for his run, and then we headed to Fredericksburg for the day! We really enjoyed our time there! We got into town right before lunchtime...we stopped at a few shops and then had lunch at The Brewery. Mmm! Then we invited Beth to join us for a glass of wine at Hilmy -- Beth is the woman who owns the donkey B&B we stayed at a few months ago, and I have been keeping in touch with here now and then. She agreed to meet us and we enjoyed chatting with her. Then we went to our favorite place -- Grape Creek!! We enjoyed some time there on the member patio, drinking some wine and listening to Jeff Wood live. Chris got a little pizza there, and I had a very yummy cheese plate! From there, we decided to stop out at Luckenbach for a bit. It's always good to just see what's going on out there! And then...dinner at Burger Burger, a new place in town. Neither of us was very hungry, so we ate light and shared a salted caramel shake! We debated finding a room to stay...but in the end, decided to go on and drive home. We left Fredericksburg around 8:45 and got home around 11:30.

:: Sunday, it was chores and meal prep! We may end it off with a little time in the pool...and some Olympic gymnastics!

:: The week ahead looks to be fairly normal and straight forward! We shall see how it pans out!

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