September 27, 2016

A Decent Tuesday

:: So today, Chris decided he wants us to do the 30 Day Plank Challenge -- oh boy!! This is the challenge we did awhile back, where you start with a 20 second plank on day one and progress up to a 5 minute plank on Day 30. Whew -- last time was sooooo hard! I ended up having to pray for the entire 5 minutes to get through last time...and Chris had stopped long before we got to that point! He better stick it out this time!!! We can do anything we set our mind to, right??? Yes!

:: Day 30 of Whole30 went just fine today! And on I continue until my treat on Saturday and the reading of my new is good!

:: Tonight, for dinner, we are having Taco Bowl and Spanish rice...and don't forget the guacamole! Meal prep at its finest...worked out and stopped at Walgreens, didn't get home until 6:40 -- and no cooking for me! Chris is currently doing a 90 minute bike ride and we'll dine when he gets home.

:: Tomorrow I have my first book study on the book "#struggles" -- we'll eat lunch together and we'll see what else. Chapter 1 was an easy read and had some good thought provoking topics.

:: We've decided to do a Secret Santa Exchange in our scrapbook group this year, and I'm looking forward to that!! We have a $25 limit, and I'm excited to start buying for my secret person!!!

:: The second episode of This is Us is on tonight and I am ready for it!! I hope it is as good as week one!

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