September 26, 2016

Whole30 #7 Thoughts

So, here I am...drawing to a close on my seventh Whole30. And I feel great! Tuesday is Day 30 and it seems like the month went very quickly.

My clothes are starting to fit again. Yay! My weight is lower -- 10 pounds lost. Yay! My food cravings are gone. Yay! I am sleeping really well. Yay! My allergies have been really good. Yay!

I love Whole30. I really, really do. Because it is such a wonderful RESET. I feel like I am back in control and I like that feeling. A lot. I am a big advocate for this program.

Butttttttt, here we are. Back at the point where I start to lose it. Oh, I'll just have one little treat. And next thing I know, I've jumped head first into a box of donuts and there is no turning back. I'm an all or nothing kind of girl, I've discovered. So here are my thoughts:

: I am going to continue on with Whole30 for a bit longer. There are still about 7-10 pounds that I want to lose. I'm not going to put a time frame on it, but I will continue on as-is for the time being. Maybe it will turn out to be a Whole60. Maybe I won't need quite that long. We shall see how it goes.

: On October 4, I will receive this book in the mail, and I am going to read it pronto.

: This is the same author who wrote, "It Starts with Food", the Whole30 book that I love. I really love this woman and the way she thinks and the things she teaches. This book was written for people like me who do fantastic on the Whole30 and then lose all their progress once they reintroduce back into normal life. Her term for this is a "yo-yo Whole30er" -- yep, that's me 100%. I am very excited to read this book and see what kind of plan she has to offer. So, I will most likely stay on Whole30 until I can get this book read too.

: To celebrate my Whole30 success, I plan to enjoy one treat at an upcoming party this Saturday. Then it will be right back to business until the rest of the weight is lost and the book is read.

: Now the tricky part is that I have some big events coming up that I do want to enjoy a bit. A weekend at the drag races (there is NO healthy food there) and a weekend in Fredericksburg (so much good, favorite foods and wine). I will enjoy both events, but not be glutenous. I will not go crazy -- and I will stay away from corn regardless. I'm not going back to that as much as I can resist. I'll also be light on the gluten too.

: That is my plan for the near future :)

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