September 25, 2016

Weekend Update

:: Currently, we are sitting on our back patio enjoying the nice cool weather that a storm brought in. I'm on my laptop and Chris is doing some reading. Poppy Sue is laying in my lap and Ocho is resting inside. Cooler temps should be staying with us into this coming week. That will be a nice change! It's starting to feel like Fall!

:: Friday evening, Chris had a one hour run scheduled, so we came home after work for him to get that in. I worked on getting the menu planned for the week and making the grocery list. Once he got cleaned up, we headed for dinner at Jason's Deli. Yes, two weekends in a row! Unprecedented! He is doing really well with his healthy eating, and felt up to it again. From there we had a relaxing evening, and I did some reading in our book club book.

:: Saturday, Chris did a long morning bike ride and I headed to the crop at Kim's house! It was a fun day and we had a large group for a change. Nine people! After a sparse summer, it was nice to have everyone together again! I had a productive day, as always! That evening, we enjoyed a dinner party with a few couples at Jon and Nadene's house. Lot of laughter there!

:: Sunday was a busy day of picking up groceries, doing the meal prep for the week, and getting the laundry done. I also finished up my book club book, and it turned out to be a pretty good book. I'm glad that I didn't give up on it!

:: Our week ahead -- book club is at our house on Thursday evening. We also have a party to go to on Saturday evening at a coworker's house. They invited a ton of people from work, and it should be a fun evening! AND Whole30 #7 draws to a close on Tuesday, and I'm excited! I'm feeling really good and am ready to make it stick this time. I've got some ideas and plans, and will be posting about that this coming week.

Happy week to everyone! Have a great one!

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