September 22, 2016

Moving Right Along

Thursday is always good, because that means tomorrow is Friday...and we all know Friday means the weekend is nearly upon us! I am so grateful that God created weekends.

:: Chris decided to work from home today (he actually gets more done at home than at the office!), so I went to work alone today. Boo.

:: Kim has taken a few days off this week -- she thinks it is her birthday or something. :) Wednesday/Thursday/Friday...all spent crafting beautiful things for her upcoming craft fair! I sure have missed her chats at work though!!!

:: Tonight is the season premier of Grey's Anatomy! Very excited! I watched the first 12 seasons on Netflix, so it will be a little different watching it in real time, waiting from week to week to see what happens. I'm sure the premier will be a doozy!

:: I thought This is Us was pretty good on Tuesday! I am looking forward to where the season takes us. I was a little confused by the ending and had to read about it the next morning to fully understand. But I am all caught up now :) I'm a little slow sometimes.

:: My book club book has gotten much, much better! The first 20% was sooooo slow. Then the next 10% started to pick up just a bit. Now I'm at 67% and the story is really unfolding. I'm quite enjoying it! I really didn't think that I would so I am happy to report this!

:: I'm starting a book study at work next week, and it should be an interesting one. It's about the struggles of technology in today's it is overtaking everything. I was excited to hear Kim is in my group! That will be fun! And one lunch together a week!!

:: I am so, so ready for the crop on Saturday!! It seems like it has been a long while since we've gotten together. Not sure why. I have lots of fun things to work on and I plan to make lots of progress!! Today, I mailed in our deposit to reserve our retreat house for February!!!! SUPER excited about that! Wish it was tomorrow. But, I have a lot of preplanning to get done before then so I have enough stuff to work on for four days!

:: For now...time for dinner, and then I'm settling in on the couch with my blanket and Poppy to atch Grey's!!!

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