September 01, 2016

Life is Busy I am...still with a bit of a migraine hanging on. Boo. Hopefully a good night of sleep tonight will have me waking up refreshed and headache free!!

This evening was a pretty busy one...we both worked out, and then I made dinner and did the dishes. Since I wasn't able to meal prep last weekend, dinners are taking up more time than usual each night. Then it was also time for Chris to pay our bills (which he does on my computer) and for me to make the menu and grocery list for next week. I had to do it this evening because I am going to the Rangers baseball game tomorrow night, and I need to put the order in early Saturday morning so I can get an early Sunday pick up -- which means I can then have time to meal prep! So, that took awhile...just got done.

And now, my migraine is calling for the couch...and perhaps an early bed time like last night. Perhaps.

I am excited for the upcoming long holiday weekend! We have no plans and I hope it is really relaxing! I'll post at some point over the weekend...need to catch up on Colorado!!

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