September 03, 2016

Colorado -- Post #5


A little final wrap up on our Friday in Colorado -- once we rode the cog train back down the mountain, we got off...and theeeennnnn it started to rain! A little at first and then heavier. And we had that long walk down the big hill to get back to our apartment!! Oh no!

Then we saw the shuttle bus that goes up and down the main street! Whoop! turned off and looped around to come to a stop. So we all started to run, Blaise leading the way! But then the bus started to take off and we were hollering after it! Luckily another family was down there getting on and the bus stopped again...and we flew onto that bus, wet as could be! Thank goodness!

We got off the shuttle in town, at The Loop Mexican Restaurant...wet and all, we enjoyed a very delicious meal and yummy drinks too! The only downfall was the very loud annoying man at the table behind us...but we still had fun :)


On Saturday, we had a very relaxing day so that the boys could rest their legs for the big day! We spent quite a few hours in the morning, in our PJs and relaxing on the couch. It was a great morning! Then we got cleaned up and went up and down the Main street, looking in the shops and taking in the sites. We had lunch at the Brewery again (and it was good again!) and then we decided to pick up pizza from Hell's Kitchen and eat it in our apartment for more relaxing. Yum! Then the boys went about their very ritualistic routines of getting everything ready for their morning. It was a really great day!

After dinner, we stopped at the Royal Tavern for some cheap drinks...and then
us girls went on back to the apartment while the boys went to the Brewery for a few beers.
Our morning on the couch :) You can tell it wigs him out a
little bit to sit and do nothing ha ha! I myself loved it!
I was very excited to try the shaved ice! I got grape, mango, and
fairy floss (which was like cotton candy!) -- it did not disappoint!
We stumbled upon this little Raw Chocolate shop -- all of their items were dairy-free.
They gave us some samples and we decided to each buy a piece too. It was pretty tasty!
Chris' Australian trainer, Adsy, gave him some great things to do to get
mentally prepped for the event. One of those things was to write the word
"WHY" on his hands so that he can see them during the run. And then he was supposed
to really think about his WHY for entering this race and doing these crazy things! :)

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