September 05, 2016

Did You Know?

...that I will not put my hand into the garbage disposal (yes, when it's turned off!) -- nope. I will always call for Chris!

...that I frequently get charlie horses in my calves and toes?

...that I get the hiccups multiple times a week?

...that I have a scrapbook room but hardly ever scrapbook in it?

...that I went to ten schools growing up? Larimore, Russell, Twilman, Townsend, Jury, Kirby, Hazelwood East, Grandview, Jefferson Community College (summer class) and Truman State University (formerly Northeast Missouri State University).

...that my favorite food is guacamole, but it can't have any junk in it like tomatoes, onions, etc. Just plain.

...that I have two tattoos? And would maybe like a third one day.

...that I do NOT like raw onions...but cooked onions are fine.

...that I will not cut the dogs' nails? Possibly cutting the quick worries me too much!

...that I took a nude figure drawing class in college?

...that I love going to book stores and meandering for hours?

...that I can type without looking at the keyboard -- I can even have conversations while I type!

...that my favorite thing to clean is the bathtub?

...that my least favorite thing to do is the dishes?

...that my biggest pet peeve is texting while driving?

...that I am a big rule follower...all the time?

...that I don't give my dogs "people food"?

...that I can't handle wearing my hair down? Ponytails and braids for me...

...that I'm pretty good at corn hole? (beat Chris twice last night ha ha!)

...that I crave simplicity?

...that I'm an odd mixture of introvert and extrovert?

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