September 06, 2016

Colorado -- Post #6


Pikes Peak Marathon Day!! So much to share!

This is the path the boys were about to set out on! It really puts it into
perspective, doesn't it? A little flat land through town, and then into the
mountains they went. Up through the trees, and then up into the boulders. So crazy!
We got up early to send the boys off -- me and my amazing runner!
The boys were so excited to start off on their adventure!! Big time pumped!
We gave our men kisses and watched them walk off down the road to the
starting line. Blaise and I stayed right out front of our apartment, since
they would come running straight up this hill back at us.
And here they come! Running up the hill and looking good!
After the boys passed by, it was then going to be 6-8 hours until
we saw them again! So, we decided that we would take a long walk down the
street to the Uncle Sam's Pancake House for a delicious ended up
being quite a walk ha ha! But we persevered and finally made it!
Oh the food! It was so yummy!!! Blaise had the stuffed french toast, some ham
and some eggs...and I had biscuits and gravy, an egg, and hasbrowns. Mmmm!
On our walk back, we spotted this huge school chair :) We couldn't resist!
There was a lot of cool art around town -- this one was my favorite!
It was a beautiful large mural and the colors were gorgeous!
We headed back to the apartment to relax a bit -- I read and Blaise took a nap!
Then we received this fun photo from the boys!! This was about 10 miles in.
I love that the guys were taking pics throughout their journey!
Look at this steep slope and all those rocks. What a trail!
A photo of them at the Summit! What a view! It took them 4.5 hours to get
to the top...and at this point, they turned around and started to make their way down!
Since we weren't sure exactly how long it was going to take the boys,
we got to the finish line in plenty of time! We found a halfway shady spot and
listened to the announcer call the runners in. It was fun spending the day with Blaise!
The announcer called out their names and we got prepped to see them!
And then those boys came zooming around the corner toward the finish line,
and they were sooooo excited! It was such an incredible sight to see!!!
They went through the finishing tent, and then we were able to give them congratulatory hugs!!
This man -- I am so so proud of him!! He never ceases to amaze me.
He has some wild and crazy ideas, and then he follows through with
them and it always turns out amazing! I am in awe of him!
America's Ultimate Challenge
After the race, we made our way to the booths that had the free food
and drinks for the runners...and we spotted some of the runners sitting in the mineral stream
getting a natural ice bath! They decided to partake as well -- and it was chilly!!!
Free pizza!! Yes please!
Free beer! Yes please!
After awhile, we headed to Boodad's for some burgers for lunch...
and they had Vanilla Porter! Chris' favorite!
These are the cool Finisher Jackets they received! They are pretty awesome!
After the guys got cleaned up, we went downstairs and had dinner at the fondu
restaurant. It was soooo delicious! We girls shared the chocolate fondu with Bailey's
and raspberry served with a tray of yummy goodness for dipping, and the guys had
a cheese fondu with breads, veggies, etc. It was so very tasty! We had some good
wines, and it was a wonderful experience.
The pretty interior of the Mona Lisa fondu restaurant
From there, we went to the Swirl wine bar -- a few drinks there
and the guys had some food. Chicken and waffles!
And why not some ice cream too!!?
What a day! Perfect from beginning to end! And such a huge accomplishment and experience for the guys. So very proud of them both!

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