September 07, 2016

Colorado -- Post #7


Well, folks -- this is it! The final day of our trip! Blaise and Kiki left around 10:00 to head home, and we left not long after. We were really quite sad to be leaving!!

Our plan was to head home and do some meandering along the way. Break it into two days, see what we could see along the way, and stay somewhere to break up the trip. It turns out there isn't a lot between Colorado and home :) So, we made one pit stop for lunch in Pueblo, and then decided to drive the rest of the way home. It was late when we arrived, but it was so good to see our pups and sleep in our own bed!

This is us and our sad faces, in front of our sad to be leaving!!
We drove for a bit and then stopped in Pueblo, New Mexico -- we had heard
there was a Riverwalk there and we wanted to check it out! After the San
Antonio Riverwalk, this was less impressive and much smaller in scale.
But it was nice to look around, and we enjoyed a nice lunch here.
We dined at The Place and it was so tasty! I had fried chicken, and Chris had mac
& cheese bites and a salad. I love traveling with this man -- he is my best friend!
We encountered some rain along our journey was really kind of
impressive to watch it unfold! We did have to pull over twice due to the intensity,
but we made it safely. I so appreciate that my hubby does all of the driving!!
More than I think he realizes!! I love to read in the car, and I also get very sleepy :)
What an amazing trip from beginning to end! We really loved Colorado and hope to go back some day! And we are already looking forward to where Chris' next crazy idea takes us ha ha!!

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