September 08, 2016

A Little Catch Up

I'm here today to do a little catch up, after all the Colorado posts! Which I hope you enjoyed, by the way!

:: Whole30 #7 is going great! Very great in fact. I'm feeling much more in control, which is what I like. I lost 6 pounds in the first week, which just goes to show how out of control my eating was! To put it in perspective, in my 6th Whole30, I lost 6 pounds the entire 30 days...the great thing about eating what your body needs -- I'm always stuffed. And cravings are gone. I'm on Day 11...nearly halfway through.

:: Football starts this evening...and thus, Fantasy Football as well! We shall see how Chris' team does this year.

:: I finished the book "Big Little Lies" -- REALLY enjoy this author. I think she is my new fave! She is really good at developing characters. And the story is never obvious...I didn't know how it would pan out until the very end. Love it. She has 7 books, and I have read 2. I will be reading the other 5 for sure!

:: But now, it's on to the next book club selection -- All the Light we Cannot See -- it's set in war time, which isn't my fave. A French girl and a German boy. It's starting off slow. We shall see how it goes. It is also written by a male author, which I struggle with sometimes. Fingers crossed!

:: Last Friday, I went to the Rangers baseball game with some people from my department -- and Jyl, our remote teammate, was able to meet us there and that was so fun! It was a good night -- Rangers won, the plane ride was uneventful, and the company was great!

:: Last weekend, I did some good work on my Meal Prep book! Getting so close. I had Chris do a proofing, and now I'm going to go through it closely for a final look. I need to get this in my Etsy shop, people are asking about it!

:: I did my second Walmart online grocery experience last weekend, and it went well! I was able to put the order in with plenty of time so I could pick it up Sunday morning -- that way I could meal prep! I love the week so much better when I don't have to cook or do dishes!

:: Beyond's been a fairly quiet week. Relaxing in the evenings. No plans for the weekend, so looking very forward to that!

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