September 11, 2016

Weekend Recap

I love weekends...weekends are so good...thank you God for creating weekends!

:: Friday after 5:00, Chris went back to the house and did an hour and fifteen bike ride while I stayed and work and did some extra work to get caught up. Last week was insane at work. I worked until 6:30 and then headed home too. Once he got cleaned up, we went and had a nice dinner together at Lucy's and then relaxed at home.

:: Saturday, we got some rain so that meant no yard work for Chris! Once it stopped he did his long run and I worked on the fourth round of revisions on my Meal Prep book. I was able to get those done, and asked my coworker Heather if she would do a final proofing for me. She is our copywriter/proofreader, and is amazing. She agreed and I can't wait to see what she comes back with. Whatever it is, it will be the final round of revisions and then I hope to get the book into my Etsy shop! Whoop!! Afterwards, we went and did some errands -- Hobby Lobby, Hastings book store, etc. We also had a yummy lunch at Abuelos before heading home. Since the yard was still a bit wet, we pulled the Corn Hole game onto the porch and spent a fun evening playing. We are both getting so good! Chris is not one for games really, so I love that there is at least this!!

:: Sunday, I picked up my online order groceries at Walmart and did a few other errands. Then I got down to the business of laundry and meal prep for the week! Everything is ready now and so that means no cooking and very little dishes all week long yay!!!

:: The week ahead -- Monday, I am subbing in at a bunko group so that should be fun! I haven't played bunko in awhile. And Thursday I am getting my hair done. Much needed! We also have VIPs in the building Wednesday and Thursday. Beyond that, I pray for a calm week at work, and some relaxation. Hope you have a great one!

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