September 20, 2016

Trends let's discuss TRENDS -- some I like, some I don't!

1. Intense eyebrows. What is going on with eyebrows these days??? Nice, shapely brows -- sure. Yes, please. But I am talking about this:

It's everywhere. Especially with the younger generation. I really can't handle this. Why the emphasis on looking so extreme? Meh....

2. Flower crowns. Why are these suddenly all the rage?? Sure they are pretty...they are so overpowering though.

3. Food trucks. Big fan! I love that there are more and more of these cropping up. Each one is just a little different, and you never know where you'll find them! Here in our town, we have a little Food Truck Park too, and they rotate in and out of there. Love this trend!

4. Kimonos. These floral, flimsy pieces really serve no purpose. They aren't like a cardigan that keeps you warm. These aren't warm at all. And they are almost all floral patterns, and I'm not a fan of that either!

5. Tiny houses. Yes!! The pinnacle of simplifying and decluttering!! The concept of living in such a small area and having only your very very favorite things and necessary that sounds good! And hey -- they are on wheels, so you can take them anywhere!!

6. Pumpkin spice EVERYTHING. No no no. Just no. WHY are people so obsessed with pumpkin?? They just can't wait for the fall pumpkin season to roll around so they can have their coffee, their cookies, their soap, their perfume. Ug. No no no.

7. Bath bombs. These are fun! I'm seeing them more and more places, and they make for a very delicious bath! Full of essential oils, these little bombs are thrown into the tub and make skin so very soft. And they make the bathroom smell soooo good too!!

What are some trends you are loving? And not loving?? Do share, I'd love to hear!!!

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