September 19, 2016

Looking Forward To

There are a few upcoming things that I am excited for!

: 9/20/16 -- the new tv show, This is Us, starts! I hope this one is as good as the previews! This is the first new show in a very long time that has looked interesting to me!

: 9/22/16 -- Season 13 of Grey's Anatomy begins! I watched Seasons 1-12 on Netflix, all in a it will be a different feeling watching one a week with the rest of the world! I'm excited to see what the new season holds.

: 10/4/16 -- I will receive the new book, Food Freedom Forever, from Amazon! This is a book written by the same author who created the her stuff. This book revolves around how to live once the Whole30 is over and you are back to normal life. This is what I REALLY need and REALLY struggle with. Can't wait to get it as soon as it comes out! My pre-order is in!

: 10/7/16 -- The movie, The Girl on the Train, comes out! This was an awesome book and I can't wait to see how they translated it into a movie! The movie actually looks a lot more intense and scary!

: 10/15/16 -- Chris and I are going to the Drag Races again! And staying in an awesome Air B and B too! I really enjoy these experiences with Chris and I hope we have some nice cooler weather for it!

: 10/21/16 -- Chris and I are enjoying a Fredericksburg weekend with two other couples, and it is going to be so fun! We are renting a house and there will be wine and food and fun! It will be the Food and Wine Fest while we are there, and we have never participated in that!

: 10/23/16 -- The new season of The Walking Dead begins!!!! We have waited tooooo long for it come back that show. What will happen now that Negan is in the picture!!?!

So much to look forward to! Makes me happy!

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