October 10, 2016

Back to Work

:: Sitting here, waiting for Chris to get done mowing the grass...mama is hungry!! Tonight -- fish topped with crab, mashed potatoes, green beans.

:: I was finally able to catch up on Grey's Anatomy from last week. I'm just not entirely feeling this season yet. It's missing something. Tomorrow, though, This is Us is back on (it was off last week because of the debate) and I can't wait for it!! Loving it!

:: For now, I'm watching The Voice...battle rounds!

:: I'm waiting on our next book club book to arrive...we ordered them on a discount site. So can't start that quite yet. I do have two book studies going on so that is keeping me busy.

:: Imported another big batch of photos into my meal prep book. I'm somehow still lacking two pictures!!! Oi. So need to get those done. And I've actually added a lot more to the book, copywise -- and so I need to do a little proofing too. I'm getting really excited!

:: For now, it's time to relax!

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