October 05, 2016

Random Tidbits

:: I'm on page 42 of my new Food Freedom book, and it is so good so far! I will be doing more reading more tonight!

:: Work was a little less chaotic today, thankfully...and tomorrow and Friday, we get to be casual!! Yay!!

:: Tomorrow evening, we are taking our friend Nick out for a birthday dinner. He can pick, so we will see where we end up! I'm looking forward to our time with him. He lives in Minnesota and is in town to work in the office this week.

:: Have you guys heard about all this clown stuff that's happening??? It is seriously creepy. I'm not sure how real it all is, but I am not a fan. If I see a clown coming toward me, I'm breaking out my kung foo! Or my tiffany blue gun!!!

:: Please say a few prayers for Mimi -- she had a cat scan down because she is having some stomach issues. The doctor called her in for an appointment tomorrow to discuss the results. We shall see what's going on.

:: Chris had a hard treadmill run this evening and isn't home yet...it was double workout day, and he had to get up extra early this morning to do a long bike ride. He's a machine!!

:: This Saturday is the crop at Kim's house and I can't wait!! I am going to work on sizing more photos for printing, so I can get them preplanned for the February retreat!!!!!

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