October 12, 2016


:: To me, it feels like this week is going pretty darn slow. How is it only Wednesday?

:: I'm getting very excited about our weekend at the drag races! And our 500 acre ranch with the donkeys! Just to have the weekend away. So, so ready. Two more work days...and yay, we get to dress casual!!

:: I found out that the one-hour zumba class is starting back up again, on Tuesday evenings. I love zumba and the 15 minute sessions just don't cut it! So, I am going to try to attend those classes as often as I can. That will make my heart happy!

:: I'm still plugging through Gilmore Girls...I'm not liking this Jess kid at all. He is not a good boyfriend for sweet, young Rori!!! Stupid teenage girls, always picking the "bad boy"...

:: I'm STILL awaiting our next book club book -- so I have nothing to read and let me tell you -- it is a very, very odd feeling for this girl. I always have something to read. I feel a little lost!

:: This Is Us was so good again last night! Loving that show! I am not entirely fond of having to watch at a specific time, with commercials and all. I haven't done that in awhile! But this show is worth it.

:: Our Walking Dead show is returning very soon!!!!! Not this Sunday but next!!! We are super pumped about that.

:: Ok, I know I promised "riveting" but that's all I've got!

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Anonymous said...

Stick with the Gilmore's - one of my favorites! PTS

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