October 13, 2016

Almost the weekend!!

:: Chris is doing an hour and 20 minute bike ride...I'm watching Gilmore Girls!

:: One more work day until our fun, fun weekend!

:: We had a Joanne's craft store open up in town! I am excited to check it out, though I hear that there isn't as much scrapbook stuff that we were hoping for.

:: Tonight is Grey's! I'm still not used to having a show to watch at a specific time...and I'm not thinking this season of Grey's has been that great so far. Hopefully tonight it will take it up a notch.

:: Chris talked to our Air B&B lady today, and she gave us the explicit directions for getting onto their property. Apparently, we'll have to have a code to get through a gate...and then a little farther down the road, we'll have to go through another gate, this one motion activated. And then when we arrive, most likely around 10:00 pm, she will meet us out front of the house. So excited! I believe we can do muffins for breakfast Saturday (we'll be leaving early for the races!) and then she'll cook us breakfast on Sunday morning! Looking forward to meeting her.

:: I also checked the weather for the weekend, and it looks to be in the high 80s. But Saturday is supposed to be cloudy, so that might help us not get sunburned like normal!! I'm not quite sure what to pack though. This weather is tricky right now!

:: Ok, off to watch Grey's! Good night!

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