November 03, 2016

Almost the Weekend!

:: Today is my Grandma Flo's birthday!! She has such a special place in my heart, and I am looking so forward to seeing her on our upcoming trip to STL...

:: This day went swiftly...and was overall pretty decent!

:: I came home after work, instead of working out. I was feeling a bit "wound up" in my heart and felt I needed a little quiet time to myself to settle it down. A workout may have helped too -- but, I chose what I chose...and am now feeling much lighter.

:: Now I can head over to Kim's to do our craft night! I've been looking forward to it and can't wait!

:: Tonight is Grey's Anatomy...I'll watch it at some point. That show has lost some of its allure with me. This season seems a little meh.

:: I am greatly enjoying Me Before You -- I'm a little more than halfway through. I'm anxious to see how it end! I had a great conversation about books today with my friend Karin at work...she is about to travel and was asking me for some reading recommendations...then she pulled out her Kindle to show me what she had to choose from already, and it was about 100 books!! Dang! She had some good ones in there too...quite a few are on my To Read list. I love reading! Thanks, Mom, for passing on your own love of books to me!!

:: Time to go have some fun! Enjoy your Friday!

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