November 06, 2016

Weekend Update

I love weekends!!

:: Friday, after work, I worked out and then did some running around in town while I waited for Chris' flight to get in. I went to the new Joann store -- very unimpressed. It took over the old Hancock Fabric building -- and sadly, it pretty much was still that same store. They didn't do anything to improve that old nasty store, and there was not that much to even look at. I won't be going back there. Then I had a little extra time so I went to the new Plato's Closet -- again, not impressed. That store was 110% packed with clothes and shoes, almost gave me a panic attack! I only spent about 2 minutes in there. Then...Chris texted to let me know that his flight was taking off, so I headed to the airport to get him. It was soooo great to see him! We got his luggage and went to dinner at Lytle was yummy and we chatted about his days away.

:: Saturday morning, we slept in a bit and then I went to the Christmas Carousel with Kim and her daughter Kelsey. We had fun shopping -- and I found a few goodies! A gorgeous necklace, and a cute long sleeve shirt. I also tried my very first macaroon cookie -- it was nothing like what I thought it would be!! It was incredibly delicious!!!!!  And definitely worth it. I dropped them off at home, and then I picked up Subway salads for me and my hubby. We puttered around the house all afternoon, and then we went to Kohl's and found Chris some shoes that he was needing. And then we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Fuzzy's.

:: Daylight Saving Time! We loved sleeping in an extra hour...nice! Chris watched the New York Marathon, and I went grocery shopping. And while Chris did a two-hour run, I did the meal prep for the week! Whoop! Now we are getting the rest of our things done before The Walking Dead starts!!!!

:: The week ahead is fairly normal -- though a few of Chris' coworkers are in town, so he has a few evenings of fun planned. They are going to do Painting with a Twist ha ha! That should be interested. This weekend is Christmas in November, and Kim has a booth -- I'm looking forward to shopping around there too, and seeing her booth! And she is so sweet, she offered to add my tshirts to her booth to see if we can get any of them sold...fingers crossed!!

:: I am very excited -- I was able to get my Meal Prep ebook added to my Etsy shop! I'm hoping that it will sell well because I would love to create additional ebooks -- again, fingers crossed! If you are interested in checking it out, here is the link!

:: I just got done with "Me Before You" -- it was such a good book, I really enjoyed it. It's a movie now too, so I will need to watch that! There is a sequel -- "After You" -- just purchased it and am reading that one next.

:: Here's to a good week ahead!

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