November 07, 2016


:: Some days work to bring you down...there is a lot of "bad" going on around us, with the people that we is a struggle sometimes. When it's everywhere you look, that can be pretty disheartening. Lots to pray about.

:: We have another batch of VIPs coming in Wednesday, and we're going to be changing up our presentation in order to speed things up and make it more streamlined. Should be interesting...cross your fingers!

:: We are working hard to fill the spaces for our February scrapbook retreat at the same house we went to last year...we are getting close. We currently have 9 -- needing 12. The owner of the retreat can also help fill spots if there is always that back up plan...

:: I started After You -- so far it isn't as good as the first one. But I will give it time...

:: The Walking Dead was a little low key last night -- that is two episodes now that haven't had much action. They are building story, which is week is a 90 minute episode, so I know there will be some good stuff happening!

:: Tomorrow is Election Day. I just am not even sure what our future holds, and I fear that whatever the won't be good. How do we find ourselves in this predicament?

:: I have a few hours left to my evening, and I plan to spend them relaxing...much needed.

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