November 01, 2016

Brief Catchup

:: The week is moving along...not nearly fast enough though!

:: This evening was zumba -- I love zumba!! So fun, and a good workout.

:: Tomorrow we have VIPS, so I'll be at work a little late...which will make me a little late to my hair appointment. But the hair appointment is very necessary -- oh those grays.

:: I am looking very, very forward to Thursday! Kim and I are having a Bestie Night and doing some fun crafts. It will be so nice to have a relaxing, chatty evening together!

:: I've started a new book -- Me Before You by Jojo Moyes -- I'm about 1/3 in so far, and I am really liking it. Our next book club is the beginning of December, so I have a little time before I need to start that book.

:: I am SO SO close to having my Meal Prep eBook ready! This process was a lot longer than anticipated...I am hoping that I can put it into my Etsy shop tomorrow!!! Fingers crossed.

:: Time for This is Us and some dinner with the family...

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