October 31, 2016

Final Fredericksburg Post

October 23, Sunday

Sunday morning, we woke up and had coffee/tea out by the fire pit. It was so relaxing! Then we got packed up and said goodbye to our awesome little house. Jyl and John went to turn the key in, and us four headed to the Airport Diner to get some seats.

Fredericksburg has a small airport, and the diner is a fun place to eat a delicious meal and watch the little planes fly in and out. This is actually not something Chris and I had ever done before, so it was a nice treat! They were pretty busy, so we all sat at the counter and the food was so, so good! After we ate, we all said our goodbyes and headed our separate ways toward home.

This was really a wonderful trip to our favorite town! We loved sharing the weekend with great people, and there were so many good memories made! We may just have to plan it again for next year!!

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