October 30, 2016

Fredericksburg Trip - Day 2

10-22-16 Saturday

The next morning in Fredericksburg, Chris did a long run and then Dustin went to Hilda's and got breakfast burritos for us all. Yum yum! Then we all got ready for our big, fun day in town!

Our original plan had been the Food and Wine Fest -- but it was very crowded and fairly pricey to get in. So we all decided to get on the 290 Wine Shuttle instead. In all the years we have been there, Chris and I had never done this before. It was really great, and we'll be doing it again for sure! How it works...you get on the shuttle in front of the Visitor's Center...and then the shuttle does a loop of the main wineries. It runs every 15 minutes, so you can get off at whatever winery you want, stay as long as you want, and then get back on and ride to the next shuttle. Wonderful! It was a very fun day!

Our group on Main Street, after leaving the very long line to get into the Fest.
Then we headed to the shuttle!
Our first stop was Becker -- the other four did tastings there and Chris and I
each got a glass of wine and walked around outside. Their winery is very pretty,
and always busy. They had it all decorated up for Fall!
On the shuttle! Headed to 4.0 Winery...
This was the wine guy at 4.0 -- I thought his t-shirt was pretty funny!
At 4.0, we decided we wanted to head across the street to
Grape Creek -- but that wasn't the next stop on the loop. We asked the
driver, and he shuttled us right over there. What a nice guy!
We enjoyed some wine and some food at Grape Creek and took a few photos too...
and then we got back on the shuttle and headed back into town...
Julie captured this photo of us, without us knowing! I was so excited when I saw it!
This is Jedd -- our shuttle driver that took us off path when we asked,
and actually picked us up on the last leg too...he was a fun guy!
Me and Jyl
The shuttle ride back into town was quite fun ha ha! Everyone was feeling
nice! Dustin even gave Chris a big bear hug!
John, who is normally pretty straight-laced, was the life of the party!
Me and Julie! Photobombed by Jyl and John!
When we got back to town, we had drinks at one of the German
restaurants with some other people who were in town too...and I have
no idea what was said here, but it was funny!
Then we went to the Brewery for dinner, and sat in the back
waiting for a table. What better way to pass the time than with arm wrestling??
Jyl wrestled with everyone...I enjoyed beating her!
We finished off the day with "Shot of the Day" at Silver Creek,
and a night cap at the Goth Bar...and then we headed home
because the other four just couldn't keep up with us ha ha!

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